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shadow-echo asked: Why were Jiyong and T.O.P at the airport?

They went to Japan for A-Nation music festival concert. :) Afterwards everyone is going to Shanghai for YG Family concert on Aug 30.

140828 G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport (HQ)


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Anonymous asked: Out of curiousity, what makes you think otherwise... Jiyong and Kiko not being together I mean. You mentioned it being implausible, do you have much evidence against it? I feel bad for bugging you! I'm just blantly full of bursting curiousity. ^-^;

Ummm, just a lot of things. My opinion is partly based on a lot of really in-depth cyber stalking of Jiyong’s SNS activity, which I don’t feel comfortable sharing here because I do think it would be an invasion of his privacy. My opinion is also based on things I’ve heard privately from friends, which I can’t share on my blog. I’m sorry… I know it’s annoying but it would be too hard for me to explain my opinion about Jiyong and Kiko’s relationship. T__T;; I’ve written about aspects of their relationship on my blog before though, if you really care to dig it up.

makafushigi asked: Hey, I was wondering if you had seen any kind of rumor of jiyong being gay among jvips after his bday party? (not that thats new or anything lol). I saw a couple comments a few places, but didn't think anything of them of course. but while i was trying to sleep last night, i for some reason started thinking and came up with a sort of theory for the strangeness of that leaked video? it would only make sense if a rumor did start though? It's probably dumb, but i can't stop thinking about it

Actually I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know what JVIPs were saying after his birthday party, but I know that a lot of IVIPs and the KVIPs I follow commented on how queer his party looked… actually I was pretty sure he went to Japan just so he could have a queer-themed 80s party, lol. ._. I don’t know if you saw Ben Baller’s tweet about it, but he tweeted Harry Kim right before/during the party saying that Jiyong’s crew looked like a “transsexual Alice in Wonderland fam.” He deleted the tweet and I didn’t get a screenshot but you can still see it cached in Google search results:


Anonymous asked: You've expressed your opinion of the Ice bucket challenge video from Jiyong's private instagram however I'm curious... does a part of you think they are together? Until that video dropped I didn't but now I'm like "oh...". I think it could well be a publicity stunt but then the truth could be that they are and have been together (at least on and off) for a while.

Of course, when this video first leaked I was seized with a lot of doubt and I wondered whether I’d been wrong all this time about Jiyong and Kiko’s relationship. But I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past 2 days, and re-evaluated the available evidence, and it still seems very implausible that Jiyong and Kiko have been dating. Anything is possible, though. We don’t know all the facts and it’s within the realm of possibility that Jiyong and Kiko have been having an on-and-off relationship since 2009. 

Anonymous asked: what do you think about "the video" XD omg it's so hilarious how everybody have reacted, and now there is no doubt in their minds that "JIKO IS REAL, OMG!"

Lol idk I don’t want to speculate about it too much publicly but I will say that it smells like a PR stunt to me, and that the video was leaked on purpose… But if it was hacked from his account, that’s definitely fucked up and I don’t condone that at all. People should leave his private life and SNS accounts alone.

People are confused so I’m going to explain what happened about Jiyong’s leaked instagram video. There are tons of Korean news articles/segments about it and the video is now common knowledge so I don’t think talking about what happened is infringing on his privacy, since these events happened in the public sphere.


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Never forget.

Always reblog. We can’t lose this important piece of history ever

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G-Dragon with Fans
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not sure if this is recent or not.

G-Dragon with Fans

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not sure if this is recent or not.

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we’re all choi seunghyun’s idiots ♥

Lmao shit… fandom drama shitstorm incoming. I’m gonna turn off my asks again. Sorry.

140825 TOP - Tazza 2 Movie Premiere

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Anonymous asked: Do you think it's possible that during the time when Top and GD were seemingly distant, they could have fought over the same person, or tat perhaps either of them got jealous over the other not spending enough time together like in the good old days because of a possible relationship with someone else?

I think it’s possible… anything is possible. :o But without evidence to back up this theory, I don’t know what else to say~